Togian Island

Togian Island

Central Sulawesi /Togian Island MapTogian Island / Togean located in Central Sulawesi, located between the north and east arms of Sulawesi lies a large group of islands. the islands included in Tojo Una-una, this district was established in early 2004 which had split away from the Poso district. This Islands consists of 56 islands located in the Tomini Bay. From 56 island, the largest island is Batudaka, Togian, and Talatakoh. This Islands has 37 villages.
The islands are formed by volcanic activity, and formed islands. This is the only place in the world where the barrier reef, atolls and coral reefs are found together. Most of the islands are still covered by dense tropical forests and surrounded by old coral reef formations. Both marine ecosystems, and land inhabited by exotic wildlife. Some animals are rare or endangered. Coral reefs and coastal areas provide habitat and breeding areas hawksbill, green sea turtles and dugongs. Togian be forested and the sky filled with exotic creatures such as monkeys Togian, which the pig deer, Sulawesi Hornbill birds, and parrots. The islands are also rich incoral reefs. Tourism is still very limited.
The specificity of Togian diving island of beauty and diversity of underwater scenery on offer, with the visibility is generally very good.

Note :

To go to the port Bomba take about 2.5 hours from the mainland Ampana. Bomba by boat to the public from a small port near the Marina Cottages. Boats depart on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Kadidiri can be reached by boat from Wakai, provided free by the three resorts on the island. Melange can be reached by ferry from Ampana. Note that all hotels charge per person (not per room!), And there are no ATMs, so bring enough cash.
There are ATMs for Mastercard and Cirrus are available on the mainland Ampana but they can not be used for VISA.

This Togian island is covered by lush vegetation and dense, and surrounded by coral reef formations. The coral reef and beach.

Togian Island. Tropical, The dry season usually runs from May-October and the rainy season from November – March. A good time to visit togian island is from July to September.

Togian, How to Get there?

Public ferry that runs between Ampana and Wakai depart every second day, the schedule changes frequently due to damage or weather. (4hrs for Wakai),  Several boats stopped at Melange from Wakai takes 1.5 hour. Boats leave from Gorontalo Wednesday and Friday night and take 12-14 hour to Wakai.
There are three weekly connections from Gorontalo to the Togian Island now. Here’s the schedule Boat/ferry :

Gorontalo Wakai Ampana
Dep Arr Dep Arr
Tue 20:00 Wed 09:00 Wed 10:00 Wed 16:00
Fri 20:00 Sat 09:00 Sat 10:00 Sat 16:00
Wed 20:00 Thu 13:00 Thu 14:00 Thu 18:00
Ampana Wakai Gorontalo
Dep Arr Dep Arr
Sun 10:00 Sun 16:00 Sun 17:00 Mon 06:00
Thu 10:00 Thu 16:00 Thu 17:00 Fri 06:00
Mon 10:00 Mon 14:00 Mon 15:00 Tue 08:00

( Last Updated February 2010)

Ships: Car ferry – Wooden boat

Price: Rp. 70,000 – 100,000 pp, depending on ship.
note! Schedules are changing frequently, so no guarantees possible.

There are ferry services from Gorontalo to Pagimana / Central Sulawesi every night. From Pagimana by bemo, bus, or anything to Ampana (4 to 6 hours). Stay one night in Ampana and the next day to take one boat to Togian Island (none on Fridays). Black Marlin Dive Centre can arrange charters from Bunta (half way from Pagiamana to Ampana) takes around 2-3 hours to Kadidiri.

Or you can travel to Ampana through Luwuk: from Manado by plane (two times a week: Monday and Saturday) or Pelni to Luwuk, then by bus to Pagimana and Ampana. If you travel in this way you can stay for several days in Maleo Cottages near Luwuk. who can arrange everything for you: from snorkeling, diving and trekking to sailing and trips to the Banggai.

You can renting a boat from Marisa gorontalo to Togian Island or vice versa. Be aware that weather conditions can change very fast and small boats here do not have the navigation equipmen.

Other Option :
From Marisa to kadidiri island : Charter Speedboat for Rp 2,750,000 capacity 6 persons max (3 hours)
From Ampana to Togian Island : Charter Boat for Rp 1,600,000 capacity 15 people max (5 hours).

About the access, the Government of Tojo Una-una is building an airfield in Ampana that can accommodate propeller aircraft with a capacity of about 50 people.

Togian, Get around

Private boats from various types can be rented at any time and from islands and usually rents for Rp 1-2 million  and above.

Togian, What would you do in there?

Some tourist activities can be performed on the island of Togian include: Diving & Snorkelling (Island Kadidiri), Fishing, and explore the natural forests in the forest on the island of Malenge, and can also visit Colo volcano on the island of Una-una.
Kadadiri is home to indigenous tribes Bajo. Bajo people are semi-nomadic, and depend on sea products to meet their needs. Tours from Kadidiri Paradise will take you to visit them. Sell and fresh lobster for visitors. If you buy seafood, this is in a small of what you can contribute to advance their economy, so if you visit them make sure you bring cash to buy fresh lobster. Foreign tourists will showcased village and school rooms which simple by young people in there, because they like the foreign tourists.

There is a long dock outside the Paradise Resort which has a good snorkeling spot. It is possible to swim to the island directly across from Kadidiri, but it takes couple hours. There is a sea kayak rentals from the Black Marlin and it takes approximately 30 minutes to row to a nearby island that has a good snorkeling spot. There are many roads around the island, but there are couple roads that make you go astray. Fishing is not allowed in the zone so the fishing should be outside this area. naturally present in the Black Marlin and diving paradise.

Diving Spot at Togian Islands.

1. Jack’s Point                             14. Bomber Plane Wreck
2. Menara                                   15. Gung Laut
3. Fishomania (The Pinnacle)   16. Malingi
4. Kololioh                                   17. Bullocki
5. Apollo                                      18. Milly’s Reef
6. Tapuan I and II                      19. Walea House Reef
7. Mimpi Dingin                          20. Cape Balikapata
8. Light House                            21. Walea Strait South
9. Goa Goa                                  22. Pulau Puah
10. Batu Gila                               23. Pulau Dondola
11. Dominic Rock                       24. Pompelon
12. Gap                                       25. Sendiri
13. Kadidiri House Reef

For more details about the Diving spot in Togian Islands try to cheak

Accommodation at Togian Island

Bomba is about 2,5 hours from Ampana where you can find 2 places to stay .

Island Retreat, Togian Island has a white sand beach 400 meters long, and 3 acres of surrounding forest. There are 10 large seaside cottage with a private bathroom, seaview veranda, king-sized bed. There is a family cottage, suitable for families 4 (or more) and a honeymoon cottage. Starting from $ 30 US / person / night. including delicious food. Homemade pasta, pizza, bread, international and local cuisine. Providing such a journey: to walk into the forest, village tours,snorkeling, diving, and canoeing. Padi dive center, rental of equipment for diving and snorkeling.

POYALISA Island, Togian Island offers you a place to relax and feel like Robinson Crusoe on a beautiful small island. With a good budget eight simple bungalows prices Rp 125.000/person/night including three meals a day, each with a veranda and is situated in a beautiful white sandy beach across from the village of Bomba. With an excellent home cuisine with Indonesian food.

Kadidiri have only three resorts are located right next to each other on the beach is very small. That resort is :

Pondok Lestari Kadidiri,Togian Island . Bungalows Offer for Single / Double with shared toilet / shower. Accommodation price of Rp75, 000 and Rp 100,000 / person / night including all meals, free coffee and tea throughout the day. And free snorkelling trips to nearby Islands and Reef with the owner of a fisherman Bajo. You can also join him in afishing trip is also free. You can go for a walk on the uninhabited island to the other shore. There are lots of birds including two hornbill species, pig deer, Coconut Crab and many other wildlife Pondok Lestari does not have a dive center, but both the Black Marlin and heaven are happy to take additional business.

Black Marlin Dive Resort, Togian Island. Located in the middle of the three resort with the longest beach, all rooms right on the water with stunning sea views and have attached western bathrooms, ceiling fans as well. All rooms have a double bed with mosquito net spring. Water runs 4 hours per day, two hours of the morning and two hours in the evening. Cold water only. They are currently creating a rainwater recycling system to complement the fresh water purchased from Wakai. Standard room is Rp 160.000 per person, and Deluxe room Rp 180 -200 000 / person. buffet meals and delicious with fish, chicken pasta, and vegetables on the menu. The place is very good, because it is equipped dive center with all new equipment (30 sets) and 2 compressors, 4 motorboat (oxygen at all the boats) and the staff are very experienced. Highly recommended to do a course or just a local reef dive or B24 Bomber plane crash. There are some additional costs for some of the more distant dive sites but also very valuable. Relaxed atmosphere that menyenangkani. Now there have been some sea kayaks for rent, can be rented and went to the nearby islands for snorkeling or just a little gym in the afternoon.

Kadidiri Paradise bungalows, Togian Island. offer different sizes and qualities ranging from Rp 150,000 to 300,000 / person. They are all in a state of relative damage. They should have 24-hour water flow in the room, but the system seems to often jams. The beach is excellent with a variety of coral and fish near your door. Dominated food fish and salad, but very fresh and tasty. Diving tersedia.namun bring lots of cash just in case.

Katupat Island, Togian Island. is about 1 hour from Kadidiri Island where you can find 2 beautiful resort just 10 minute with a small boat from Katupat Village Togian Island.

Bolilanga Island, Togian Island. offers you a quiet bungalows and powdery white sandy beaches, prices start at Rp 200.000/person/night including three meals and snorkeling in the turquoise waters are perfect filled with tropical fish and coral formations that area of ??only a few meters from the beach.

Fadhilla Cottage, Togian Island. Also known as Pangempa island, a small tropical island that most people dream about. Offering a variety of foods from favorite local dishes, western with all the ingredients. Rates from Rp 125.000/person/night including three meals a day. To Diving is available here.

All the above prices are per person / night including three meals a day. And for Diving is only available in Kadidiri Paradise Resort, Black Marlin Dive Resort, Cottage Retreat Island and Fadhilla.

Pulau Una Una (Una-Una Island)
Togian Island is part of the belt activevolcanic. Una una island consisting mostly of Mount Colo (472m) tmeletus in 1983 when the volcano erupted for the first time in nearly 100 years. The island is covered by dust and dust destroy 90% of all houses, animals and most of become crops. Thankfully, people have been evacuated safely. Sekarangi You can climb to the top of the mountain that takes 3 hours and see the amazing view across the island.

IMPORTANT: Be advised that Malaria is a big problem in most parts of the Togian Islands. Protect your skin with lots of mosquito repellent; anti malaria drugs are adviced! Dengue fever is also widespread.


Togian Island



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